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Highly flexible PEG-LifeAct constructs act as tunable biomimetic actin crosslinkers. D. Jorgenson T, D. Baboolall K, Suarez C, R. Kovar D, L. Gardel M, J. Rowan S. Soft Matter. 20(5): 971–7. 2024. (PMID: 38190228) (pdf

Machine learning interpretable models of cell mechanics from protein images. Schmitt MS, Colen J, Sala S, Devany J, Seetharaman S, Caillier A, Gardel ML, Oakes PW, Vitelli V. Cell 2024, 187 (2): 481-494.e24 (PMID: 36911285) (pdf)

Limiting Pool and Actin Architecture Controls Myosin Cluster Sizes in Adherent Cells. Chou WH, Molaei M, Wu H, Oakes PW, Beach JR, Gardel ML. Biophys J 2024, 123(2): 157-171 (PMID: 37333106) (pdf)


Motor crosslinking augments elasticity in active nematics. Redford SA, Colen J, Shivers JL, Zemsky S, Molaei M, Floyd C, Ruijgrok PV, Vitelli V, Bryant Z, Dinner AR, Gardel ML. Soft Matter. 20(11): 2480–90. 2024. (PMCID: PMC10491317)  (PDF) 

Learning to learn by using nonequilibrium training protocols for adaptable materials. Falk MJ, Wu J, Matthews A, Sachdeva V, Pashine N, Gardel ML, Nagel SR, Murugan A. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2023, 120 (27): e2219558120 (PMID: 37364104) (pdf)

Cracked actin filaments as mechanosensitive receptors. Zsolnay V, Gardel ML, Kovar DR, Voth GA. [Preprint] bioRxiv 2023, 2023.06.26.546553 (PMID: 37425801) (pdf)

Epithelial tissue confinement inhibits cell growth and leads to volume-reducing divisions. Devany J, Falk MJ, Holt LJ, Murugan A, Gardel ML. Dev Cell 2023, 58(16): 1462-1476.e8. (PMID: 37339629) (pdf)

Direct detection of deformation modes on varying length scales in active biopolymer networks. Stam S, Gardel ML, Weirich K. [Preprint] bioRxiv 2023 (PMID: 37292666) (pdf)Measuring response functions of active materials from data. Molaei M, Redford SA, Chou W, Scheff D, de Pablo JJ, Oakes PW, Gardel ML. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2023, 120(42): e2305283120 (PMID: 37819979) (pdf)

Membrane tension induces F-actin reorganization and flow in a biomimetic model cortex. Sakamoto R, Banerjee DS, Yadav V, Chen S, Gardel ML, Sykes C, Banerjee S, Murrell MP. Commun Biol 2023, 6 (1): 325, 470 (PMID: 37117264) (pdf) (correction pdf)

Quantifying Strain-Sensing Protein Recruitment During Stress Fiber Repair. Seetharaman S, Sala S, Gardel ML, Oakes PW. Methods Mol Biol 2023, 2600: 169-182 (PMID: 36587097) (pdf)


TES-1/Tes and ZYX-1/Zyxin protect junctional actin networks under tension during epidermal morphogenesis in the C. elegans embryo. Lynch AM, Zhu Y, Lucas BG, Winkelman JD, Bai K, Martin SCT, Block S, Slabodnick MM, Audhya A, Goldstein B, Pettitt J, Gardel ML, Hardin J. Curr Biol 2022, 32(23): 5189-5199.e6 (PMID: 36384139) (pdf)

Catapulting of topological defects through elasticity bands in active nematics. Kumar N, Zhang R, Redford SA, de Pablo JJ, Gardel ML. Soft Matter 2022, 18: 5271-5281 (PMID: 35789364) (pdf)

Force-dependent intercellular adhesion strengthening underlies asymmetric adherens junction contraction. Cavanaugh KE, Staddon MF, Chmiel TA, Harmon RM, Budnar S, Yap AS, Banerjee S, Gardel ML. Current Biology 2022, 32(9): 1986-2000.e5 (PMID: 35381185) (pdf)

Dia1 coordinates differentiation and cell sorting in a stratified epithelium. Harmon RM, Devany J, Gardel ML. J Cell Biol 2022, 221(5): e202101008 (PMID: 35323863) (pdf)

Confluence and tight junction dependence of volume regulation in epithelial tissue. Chmiel TA, Gardel ML. Mol Biol Cell 2022, 33(11): 1-8 (PMID: 35731553) (pdf)


LIM domain proteins in cell mechanobiology. Anderson CA, Kovar DR, Gardel ML, Winkelman JD. Cytoskeleton 2021, 78(6): 303-311 (PMID: 34028199) (pdf)

Actin filament alignment causes mechanical hysteresis in cross-linked networks. Scheff DR, Redford SA, Lorpaiboon C, Majumdar S, Dinner A, Gardel ML. Soft Matter 2021, 17(22): 5499-5507 (PMID: 33989373) (pdf)

Actin bundle architecture and mechanics regulate myosin II force generation. Weirich KL, Stam S, Munro E, Gardel ML. Biophys J. 2021, 120(10): 1957-1970 (PMID: 33798565) (pdf)

Machine learning active-nematic hydrodynamics. Colen J, Han M, Zhang R, Redford SA, Lemma LM, Morgan L, Ruijgrok PV, Adkins R, Bryant Z, Dogic Z, Gardel ML, De Pablo JJ, Vitelli V. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2021, 118(10): e2016708118 (PMID: 33653956) (pdf)

Cell cycle-dependent active stress drives epithelia remodeling. Devany J, Sussman DM, Yamamoto T, Manning ML, Gardel ML. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2021, 118(10): e1917853118. (PMID: 33649197) (pdf)

Spatiotemporal control of liquid crystal structure and dynamics through activity patterning. Zhang R, Redford SA, Ruijgrok PV, Kumar N, Mozaffari A, Zemsky S, Dinner AR, Vitelli V, Bryant Z, Gardel ML, de Pablo JJ. Nature Materials. 2021, 20: 875-882 (PMID: 33603187) (pdf)


Evolutionarily diverse LIM domain-containing proteins bind stressed actin filaments through a conserved mechanism. Winkelman JD, Anderson CA, Suarez C, Kovar DR, Gardel ML. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2020, 117(41): 25532-25542 (PMID: 32989126) (pdf)

Adaptive viscoelasticity of epithelial cell junctions: from models to methods. Cavanaugh KE, Staddon MF, Banerjee S, Gardel ML. Curr Opin Genet Dev. 2020, 63: 86-94  (PMID: 32604032)(pdf)

Dynamin regulates the dynamics and mechanical strength of the actin cytoskeleton as a multifilament actin-bundling protein. Zhang R, Lee DM, Jimah JR, Gerassimov N, Yang C, Kim S, Luvsanjav D, Winkelman J, Mettlen M, Abrams ME, Kalia R, Keene P, Pandey P, Ravaux B, Kim JH, Ditlev J, Zhang G, Rosen MK, Frost A, Alto NM, Gardel ML, Schmid SL, Svitkina TM, Hinshaw JE, Chen EH. Nat Cell Biol. 2020, 22, 674-688 (PMID: 32451441) (pdf)

Tuning shape and internal structure of protein droplets via biopolymer filaments. Scheff DR, Weirich KL, Dasbiswas K, Patel A, Vaikuntanathan S, Gardel ML. Soft Matter. 2020, 16: 5659-5668 (PMID: 32519715) (pdf)

Nucleation and Shape Dynamics of Model Nematic Tactoids Around Adhesive Colloids. Ludwig NB, Weirich  KL, Alster E, Witten TA, Gardel ML, Dasbiswas K, Vaikuntanathan S. J Chem Phys. 2020, 152: 084901 (PMID: 32113348) (pdf)

Optogenetic Control of RhoA to Probe Subcellular Mechanochemical Circuitry. Cavanaugh KE, Oakes PW, Gardel ML. Curr Prot Cell Biol. 2020, 86(1): e102 (PMID: 32031760) (pdf)

Tuning Molecular Motor Transport Through Cytoskeletal Filament Network Organization. Scholz M, Weirich KL, Gardel ML, Dinner AR. Soft Matter. 2020, 16: 2135-2140 (PMID: 32016200) (pdf)

RhoA Mediates Epithelial Cell Shape Changes via Mechanosensitive Endocytosis. Cavanaugh KE, Staddon MF, Munro E, Banerjee S, Gardel ML. Dev Cell. 2020, 52(2): 152-166 (PMID: 31883774) (pdf)


The Actin Cytoskeleton as an Active Adaptive Material. Banerjee S, Gardel ML, Schwarz US. Annu Rev Condens Matter Phys. 2019, 11: 421-439 (PMID: 33343823) (pdf)

High Throughput Discovery of Functional Protein Modificiations by Hotspot Thermal Profiling. Huang JX, Lee G, Cavanaugh KE, Chang JW, Gardel ML, Moellering RE. Nat Methods. 2019, 16: 894-901 (PMID: 31384043) (pdf)

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Mechanosensitive Junction Remodelling Promotes Robust Epithelial Morphogenesis. Staddon MF, Cavanaugh KE, Munro EM, Gardel ML, Banerjee S. Biophys J. 2019, 117(9): 1739-1750 (PMID: 31635790) (pdf)

Cofilin Drives Rapid Turnover and Fluidization of Entangled F-actin. McCall PM, MacKintosh FC, Kovar DR, Gardel ML. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2019, 116(26): 12629-12637 (PMID: 31189606) (pdf)

Self Organizing Motors Divide Active Liquid Droplets. Weirich KL, Dasbiswas K, Witten TA, Vaikuntanathan S, Gardel ML. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2019, 116(23): 11125-11130 (PMID: 31113883) (pdf)


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Partitioning and Enhanced Self-Assembly of Actin in Polypeptide Coacervates. McCall PM, Srivastava S, Perry SL, Kovar  DR, Gardel ML, Tirrell MV. Biophys J. 2018, 114(7): 1636-1645 (PMID: 29642033) (pdf)

Desmosomal Cadherin Association With Tctex-1 and Cortactin-Arp2/3 Drives Perijunctional Actin Polymerization to Promote Keratinocyte Delamination. Nekrasova O, Harmon RM, Broussard JA, Koetsier JL, Godsel LM, Fitz GN, Gardel ML, Green KJ. Nat Commun. 2018; 9:1053. (PMID: 29535305) (pdf)

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Filament Turnover Tunes Both Force Generation and Dissipation to Control Long-Range Flows In a Model Actomyosin Cortex. McFadden WM, McCall PM, Gardel ML, Munro EM. PLoS Comput Biol. 2017; 13(12):e1005811.(PMID: 29253848) (link) (pdf)

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iBiology – Margaret Gardel: What is Cytoplasm? (iBiology) (YouTube) (iTunes)

Moving beyond molecular mechanisms. Gardel ML. J Cell Biol. 2015; 208(2):143-145. (PMID:25601400) (pdf)

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(In the same issue see New and Notable: Work and Tension: New Evidence that Adherent Cells of Same Area Do the Same Work Independent of Stiffness and Focal Adhesions. Pok S & Jacot JG.)

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(Highlighted In Focus: Stress Fibers guide focal adhesions to maturity, selected for F1000 )


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(selected for F1000 )

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(in the same issue see also dispatch: Cell–Matrix Adhesion: Slip and Immobilization under Force. Verkhovsky AB. , selected for F1000)

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(selected for F1000 )

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(see also commentary: The actin flow paradox.Williams R. JCB 2008 vol. 183 no. 6965)

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