Margaret GardelMargaret Gardel (homepage) (cv)
Ph.D. Physics,
Harvard University, 2004

Department of Physics,
James Franck Institute &
Institute for Biophysical Dynamics

email: gardel_[at]

Research Scientist

Yvonne BeckhamYvonne Beckham
Ph.D. Developmental Biology,
University of Toronto, 2003

Molecular Biology Godsend, Actin Cross-linking Proteins, Gene Expression
email: ybeckham_[at]



Bob Harmon Bob Harmon
Ph.D., Biological Sciences,
Northwestern University, 2013

Intercellular Mechanical Coupling
and Tissue Architecture

email: rharmon_[at]

Barbara Hissa Barbara Hissa
Ph.D., Cell Biology,
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, 2013

Role of cholesterol in organizing
actin cytoskeleton

email: barbarahissa_[at]

Nitin Kumar Nitin Kumar
Ph.D., Physics,
Indian Institute of Science, 2015

Non-equilibrium dynamics
of actomyosin networks

email: nitink_[at]

Nitobe London Nitobe London
Ph.D., Molecular and Cell Biology
University of Washington, 2015

Organization and regulation of cytoskeletal proteins
email: nitobe_[at]

Kim Weirich Kim Weirich
Ph.D., Biomolecular Science & Engineering,
University of California, Santa Barbara, 2012

Influence of architecture on active biopolymer networks
email: kweirich_[at]

Jon Winkelman Jon Winkelman
Ph.D., Cell & Molecular Biology,
University of Chicago, 2015

Cellular Mechanosensing
email: jdw1_[at]

Graduate Students


Kate Cavanaugh
Development, Regeneration, and Stem Cell Biology
B.S., Developmental Biology,
Northwestern University

Mechanics of Morphogenesis
email: cavanaugh.kate_[at]

Erik Schaumann Erik Schaumann
Chemistry Department
B.S., Chemistry,
Santa Clara University, 2013

Force Transmission in Multicellular Colonies
email: eriks1_[at]

Danielle Scheff Danielle Scheff
Physics Department
B.A., Physics,
Clark University, 2015

Dynamics of Crosslinked Actin Networks
email: dscheff_[at]



Lab photos





Position in group

Current position

Aratyn-Schaus, Yvonne

Postdoc, 2007-2010

Product Development Scientist

Banerjee, Shiladitya

Postdoc, 2013-2016

Junior Group Leader
Institute for Physics of Living Systems
University College London

Caswell, Thomas

Graduate Student, 2007-2013

Assistant Computational Scientist
Photon Science Directorate
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Falzone, Tobias

Graduate Student, 2008-2012

Rae Anderson Lab
University of San Diego

Feiger, Zach

Technician, 2007-2010

Graduate Student
Brandeis University

Fessenden, Tim

Graduate Student, 2010-2017

Spranger Lab
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Harland, Chris

Postdoc, 2010-2012

Senior Data Scientist

Hsuing, Eric

Summers 2008,2009


Kelso, Chris

Spring 2008, Course PH335


Kim, TaeYoon

Postdoc, 2011-2013

Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering
Purdue University

Lenz, Martin

Postdoc, 2009-2012

CNRS Researcher
LPTMS, CNRS & U. Paris-Sud, France

Majumdar, Sayantan

Postdoc, 2013-2017

Associate Professor
Soft Condensed Matter
Raman Research Institute

Maruthamuthu, Venkat

Postdoc, 2009-2014

Assistant Professor
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Old Dominion University

McCall, Patrick

Graduate Student, 2010-2017

Hyman and Brugues Groups
Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics

Morone, Uri

Summer 2009, REU Summer Student


Murrell, Michael

Postdoc, 2009-2013

Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering
Yale University

Noaz, Moshe

Postdoc, 2010-2011


Norstrom, Melanie

Postdoc, 2009-2012

Regulatory Affairs Manager
Clinical Research Support Office
University of Chicago

Oakes, Patrick

Postdoc, 2009-2016

Assistant Professor
Physics & Astronomy
University of Rochester

Pathak, Shivani

Summer 2009, REU Summer Student


Ramirez-San Juan, Guillermina

Graduate Student, 2010-2017

Wallace Marshall & Manu Prakash Labs
University of California at San Francisco and Stanford University

Sellon, Jon

2007-2010, Undergraduate Researcher

Graduate Student
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stam, Samantha

Graduate Student, 2010-2017

Nunnari Lab
University of California Davis

Stricker, Jonathan

Graduate Student, 2008-2013

Research Associate

Thoresen, Todd

Postdoc, 2008-2013


Tramm, Nora

Spring 2009, Course PH335

Graduate Student
Biron Lab - University of Chicago

Uricchio, Lawrence

2008-2009, Biophysics Program


Winter, Steve

Graduate Student, 2009-2013

Junior Consultant
ThoughtWorks Inc