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Particle Tracking Software
Molecular Probes Spectra Viewer
Confocal Listserv


Seminars at UChicago

MGCB, BMB, Cell Physiology, etc. BSD Seminar Calender
JFI Colloquium and Seminar Schedule





Cytoskeleton Labs at U. of Chicago

Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology: Michael Glotzer, Moe Gupta, Dave Kovar, Ed Munro
BMB: Ron Rock
Medicine: Konstantin Birukov, Julian Solway

Soft Matter Labs at U. Chicago

Physics: Heinrich Jaeger, Sid Nagel, Tom Witten, Wendy Zhang
Chemistry: Aaron Dinner


Friends & Collaborators outside

Blair Lab: Soft Matter Physics, Georgetown
Valentine Lab: Molecular and Cellular Biomechanics, UCSB
Waterman Lab: Laboratory of Cell and Tissue Morphodynamics, NIH
Weitz Lab: Experimental Soft Condensed Matter Physics, Harvard



Physics Dept.